Sunday, August 25, 2013

Crunchy Pecan Blackberry Cobbler

Garden Goodness Part 3

What is better than some blackberries? Now you all know I love some blackberries. And I know.... from feedback that I have gotten from some of my readers, last year's blackberry story made some people cry (see Blackberry Lemon Thyme Jam.) That was not my intention but it does make me feel nice that I can really reach you in that way.

This recipe came up as a way for me to say Thanks. As some of you know, my life has been a little upside down these past few years. And while that crazy is coming to an end soon. I am sure a new crazy is just around the corner- that is life right?? Well as a single girl in a new neighborhood, all alone, I have had some learning to do. Thanks to my Daddy, I am a well rounded girl who needs little help using most tools, changing a tire or doing a whole range of household "typically" male tasks. As great a man as he is, he made sure my little sister and I  knew how to survive without a man. And strange to say but since I have been married I have really appreciated that (ironic, huh?) Now, as I live alone again, I appreciate this learning all over.

Well, I did not make this recipe to say thanks to my Dad. No, I make him a lot of other recipes to show my love (a new one is coming next week. I can't tell yet in case he is tuning in.) There is one thing that I can not do with my Honda Accord- haul things. Lucky for me, I have moved into an older neighborhood that has some really great people in it. You know, the kind that when you move in come down and introduce themselves and give you their name and phone number. Well, these neighbors are awesome. They know I am a single girl and they check on me. They brought me a light to put in my garage, that senses when I am home, they send bones home for my Golden Retriever Charlie and as they say here, they are just "good people." (I love this local saying.) Recently, I went to a local store and got a great deal on a new coffee table. Unfortunately I had no way to get it home. I purchased it with the promise that I would come back for it at a later date. As I was pulling in to my driveway, I saw my neighbors and thought should I ask or not. Uggggg..... I hate to ask!!! But I did and they were more than happy to help. They got in their truck right then with straps and a protective blanket and off we went. I was so happy to have them. They always say "honey, you don't owe us anything. This is just good neighbors helping good neighbors." But what is my saying here at Bonbons and Biscotti- "Love Begins in the Kitchen" and for this single girl a little lost in the world right now it is so good to know that she has someone to count on. So, I got in my kitchen and I baked; adding a ton of appreciation and thanks with every sprinkle of sugar.

Crunchy Pecan Blackberry Cobbler

This recipe is one that I make with every fruit available to me. It is originally an apple recipe but I have used peaches, blackberries, strawberries, whatever is sitting on my counter. This is the perfect 2 person dessert. You can either make it in 2 smaller sizes or one quart size casserole.

2 1/2  cups blackberries
2 Tbsp. sugar
zest of one lemon (optional)
2 Tbsp butter, melted
1/4 cup all purpose flour
1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1/4 cup chopped pecans
3 Tbsp quick cooking oats
(For apple recipe substitute 2 Granny Smith apples for the blackberries and add 1/2 tsp. cinnamon)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Place blackberries and lemon in a bowl. Toss with sugar. Place blackberry mixture into individual serving dishes or a quart size casserole.

Place butter in bowl and melt in microwave. Add flour, brown sugar, pecans, and oats. Mix well. Sprinkle this mixture over blackberries. Bake 30-35 minute or until blackberries are bubbling and top is golden brown.

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