Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cherry Bonbons

So I only see it fitting to have my first post be about my favorite cookie of all time and therefore the name of my blog: the Cherry Bonbon. This has been my absolute favorite cookie since I have been a very little girl. It was originally made by my Grandma Ethel and then by my mother and now by me. It is not a holiday in my house if a Cherry bonbon has not passed over my lips. This cookie is amazingly sweet and is usually the star of cookie trays that I give out at Christmas; especially for those sugar lovers like myself.

Cherries draining
   As you can see in my about section above, I am a self-proclaimed lover of all things cherry. This recipe along with some of my other cherry recipes was passed down from my Grandma Ethel. She was an amazing baker and was one of those old time cooks that did not necessarily write everything down in a lot of detail. She was just comfortable with her recipes and knew the texture of dough or doneness of a pie without having a written recipe to follow. That is very much how I received this recipe. No amount of time noted to bake the cookie for and very few written instructions. The majority of instructions, I have learned through my mom or my own trial and error. I have tried to write the complete recipe here in detail so you can reproduce this amazing little cherry delight!

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