Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Freezing Tomatoes


This is the most simple way to save tomatoes that I know of. When I am feeling really lazy (which is often!) I just freeze a bunch of tomatoes rather than messing with canning them. For whatever reason, most people look at me like I am crazy when I say that I do this, but it really works. This is a trick that I learned from my Mom and man does it come in handy when the winter gets cold and you want to make a chili or soup. Just get out the frozen tomatoes from summer and run them under really hot water. The skin peels right off in your hand; then into the pot they go. They are way better then anything that you can get out of a can and remember- You grew them! So go ahead and feel accomplished! Sometimes, the little things make the day a little brighter!

(I admit these were hard to take pictures of! Usually I take all my pictures outside and when I took these frozen guys out in our 90 something degree heat they instantly got a little frosty. They don't look like this in the freezer, but I guess it does get the frozen point across.)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Slow Roasted Tomatoes and Herbs for Freezer Sauce

Tomato salvation #2. This is one of my all time favorite ways to save or "put up" (as they say down south) tomatoes. And this one involves those prolific cherry or grape tomatoes that seem to pop up overnight. I have literally been picking 2-3 quarts of these per day. But maybe that is my fault. See... I have this theory that if I make my garden just "a tad bit bigger" every year..... I have to mow less grass. Yes, I know. What reasoning! But I think in the past 3 years, at this one house, I have cut out mowing maybe 3 extra feet on the one end of the garden. Lol!  Every inch counts for me when it comes to mowing grass. I hate mowing! Cause, in case you didn't notice, it just comes back..... And in the South Carolina heat, that just means another day dripping sweat at 7 am before the real scorching temps set in. So instead of mowing that extra little space, I prefer to can, freeze and preserve these little jewels. They are worth the sweat to plant, nurture and pick because I get to enjoy them all year!!

My backyard better watch out .... in 10 more years I won't have to mow grass.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Pickled Cherry Tomatoes

As we all know, it is tomato time of the year!!! Despite the oppressive heat here in South Carolina, this has been a great year for some awesome tomatoes. I am sure that I am not the only one that is feeling a little overwhelmed by their garden goodness. For those of you that garden and stand with me in your love for all thing tomato, I am planning on posting a little tomato series here. These recipes will help you save a lot of those tomatoes for the cold winter months when you are dying for that taste of summer sweetness. Other recipes will allow you to enjoy the tomatoes right now when they are at their juiciest and most abundant. However you want to look at it, this is the month of the tomato and your chance to savour every bite. In just a few months, we will all be wishing for the day in spring when we can plant again and anticipate what mother nature will give us.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Crockpot Madras Lentils

As of today, I am not longer a partner in my chiropractic office. It has been a hard transition. Since I was in middle school, I wanted to be a chiropractor with her own office. In 2004, with a partner who was also my husband, I achieved that dream. It was not a small task for two people with no real experience. We had the backing of a local bank that believed in us and family support, but other than that we were very much Newbies! It was a grand endeavor and something that I am still proud to say I was part of.  At the beginning of any adventure, there is a lot of adrenaline and excitement. This and the great people of Greenville made us a success in business for many years. The problem was that there was no relationship in my marriage except business. No personal life. Work was 24 hours per day. This was felt very deeply in 2008-2011, when health care began to change, the housing market collapsed and banks suffered. Our business was affected. All of this work stress was brought home every day and it crushed the last inkling of any kind of personal life that was left. Despite my best efforts to stop this pattern, it worsened. It was taking everything out of me as a person, a chiropractor and a wife.

In 2011, I finally made a change. In 2013, I divorced my partner and put into works the ability to leave the practice that in the past years had caused me so much pain. February 27, 2015 was my last day seeing patients. Today, at a meeting, I officially signed over my shares of my business and resigned as corporate president. It was bittersweet.  In these past 2 months, I have felt at peace with my decision and have even looked forward to my last day. Today, signing those papers took a huge weight off my shoulders. I am happy! For the first time in probably 5 years, I am happy!

So where does that leave me? That is still up in the air. I will always be a chiropractor and I am currently an instructor at local universities. But overall, right now, I am celebrating my decision and strength. I am taking some time to nurture ME! I know that can not last forever and I don't want it to. I will be back in some large way soon. I am not sure what capacity that will be or in what city, but I know that I have learned a lot and will use all my experiences to take the next big step.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

White Lasagna with Sausage, Spinach and Portabello Mushrooms

Look at me! Baking and blogging up a storm these past few weeks. Am I just overly ambitious? Hmm... I wish!  I am BORED!  I have been iced or snowed in my house for 3 days in the past week with more days off probably tomorrow and possibly Friday! I don't sit still well.(It is how I was raised.) I can not watch any more Netflix or worse than that, daytime TV.  Dr. Oz and Steve Hardy make me want to jump off the bridge downtown.... if only I could get there!

So, instead of causing bodily harm, I have been spending my time reading blogs and recipes and pulling out a lot of the cookbooks that I have stashed away and making things that are on my wish list. That list is actually so long that I could probably have a whole year of snow days and still not complete everything on it!

This has been my new South Carolina "snow life!" Waking up, showering, putting on fresh Pjs, scouring books and webpages and then getting busy in the kitchen. Usually, at some point in this process, some wine or craft beer might come into the mix. My biggest fear is if this weather doesn't clear up and I continue to churn out these rich, comfort food recipes, the only clothes I will be able to wear is Pjs or elastic pants. Ugh.... Praying for no more snow!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Herbed Beet and Goat Cheese Salad with Palmetto Olive Oil Company's Tuscan Herb Olive Oil

Love and support comes in all different forms and these past few weeks I have see a lot of that. I am not just talking about Valentine's Day. I am talking about every day little gestures that let you know you are important in someones life. In this way, I am fortunate!!

As you know we had our HUGE Icepocalypse and it seems like one of those weeks when no one has gotten the motivation back to do much of anything. Unfortunately for me, I have been busy on this computer searching for my future and closing up last minute things from my past. Last weekend, thanks to some really great supportive friends, I had a cleaning out party!! They surprised me by not only the brute strength of moving boxes but with flowers and mimosas. Mimosas make all things better!! All girls know that! Quickly, with their liquid courage, a job that seemed overwhelming was almost fun. Almost... Well, anyway there was a lot of laughing and even more encouragement. It feels good to be loved!

So, a little bit about the local product used in this recipe. On my birthday an amazing person went out of their way to drop a gift at my door so I would have something to open on my special day. Sweet, huh? It made my so happy!! The very thoughtful gift turned out to be this fabulous Tuscan Herb Olive Oil from Palmetto Olive Oil Co. here in Greenville, SC. I am obsessed with it!! I am using it on everything but at the same time trying to save it for only the best entrees. Lol! The other day after I got done tossing fingerling potatoes in this my hands smelled heavenly and were so soft that I debated using at as bath oil.

Joking, of course! Hmm... maybe!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Old Fashioned No-Bake Cookies

On the cowl I knitted last night when I was iced in!!

I am iced in my house.  NO, I am iced in my house in SOUTH CAROLINA!  Ughh!

 Did I go to the store before this event? Sure I did! I have plenty of wine, cheese, crackers and smoked meats. I know- no bread? No milk? What am I going to do with that? Well, it seems that I forgot something! Or at least have a sudden craving for something because I have no access to it. (Isn't that how it always works?) Maybe I am just bored, or maybe I am reading too many food blogs, but..... I NEED CHOCOLATE! And I don't have any. Well, I don't have anything other than a jar of Nutella, chocolate chips and cocoa powder. What can I make, what can I make???? No- Bake Cookies!!! How simple and quick! When you gotta get your chocolate fix there is not time for baking cakes and whipping up a perfect ganche. Nope!

With a HOT cup of espresso... hmmmm.... I think this is the best part of my day.

I also hope tomorrow I am FREE!!! It is hard for this Pennsylvania girl to be stuck in her house because of weather! But if I am still iced in... wonder what I will whip up in my kitchen tomorrow. Stay tuned!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tiramisu Cheesecakes

So, this year I don't have a Valentine in the traditional sense of partner in life and love... and that is OK. It is not that I am opposed to that sentiment in any way. I think that good things will come in time. This year, I am in love with me! I am giving me what I need, nurturing myself! I feel like the past few years have been a culmination of hard times and emotional changes. I have gone through times of insecurity and times of true joy. It has been a roller coaster! But at the end of this month, I am making a change that should allow so much of that uncertainty and insecurity to go away. I am making a leap! It is long overdue and I am a little scared... but I am so ready to let go and move forward in whatever life has waiting for me.

Of course this Valentine's Day, I hold in my heart everyone who has been true to me and stands by me. I love you all and hope that I show you everyday. I guess this Valentine's Day for me is more like a homecoming, coming back to me; coming full circle. Shedding the past and really just letting me shine. It feels GOOD!

Happy Valentine's Day and remember Love Begins in the Kitchen!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Venison Portobello Shepherd's Pie

In rural, western Pennsylvania, I grew up eating venison. It is what most families in our "neck of the woods" waited all year for.  Most of the men were hunters or sportsmen and waited for deer season to arrive. My father was no different. He could not wait for the fall (and not just cause he was a freckled, redhead who hates the sun.) The changing colors of leaves, the crisp fall air and being able to see your breathe when you went outside, meant deer season was right around the corner. My Dad was always an avid archer; which takes a lot of skill and practice. And over the years, he has brought many deer home using this method.

When my Dad had one of his hunting days, us girls would go shopping or do other girl-centric activities but we were always home when Dad got home. We would wait at home to see if he had struck big that day and brought us a deer. It was always an exciting time for him when he brought a deer home. It was exciting for us all. And when I say all, I mean the whole neighborhood. It seemed back in those days, everyone was looking out their windows for the hunters to come home. If there seemed to be an unusual amount of activity as the trucks pulled in, the whole neighborhood would convene in that persons driveway. It became our little neighborhood tradition.

Some might say that this is an unusual or cruel event but it is the gathering of food. Food brought home to feed a family. Food that we had a pretty good idea of where it was raised and how it was killed and we were thankful that our area was so abundant in this food source. As my Dad always told us, when he killed a deer it was exciting and an accomplishment. It was the culmination of a lot of practice, anticipation and time, but he quickly felt thankful and appreciative of what the animal would give us. And there was also a slight sadness and desire to give the animal back to life. This shows great reverence! He taught us all that this thought process is what makes a great hunter!

Because of what he taught us about respect, when my Dad brought a deer home his girls were proud of him. We still are! Even though I live far, far away I still get a phone call when Dad brings a deer home. It takes me back to being a kid in that little town in rural Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Moroccan Lamb Chili with Kale, Chickpeas and Sweet Potato

As most people know, I am a craft beer enthusiast. I love all things about craft beer. The atmosphere of the breweries, the people and the laid back culture. I am a huge fan of several of our local breweries here in Greenville, SC and the neighboring Asheville, NC. I am excited to try new places, new beers and new flavors. Just this past weekend, I spent a Saturday with my best friends in Asheville, giving them a brewery tour of some of my favorite places. Of course, we had to kick it off at the brewery that I am obsessed with, Burial Brewery. We then moved on the several others including Green Man Brewery and the new Funkatorium which opened in October. It was a great tasting event and a great time out of town with my BFFS. I was so appreciative that they came out to celebrate me in a way that I adore!

A little fun at Burial Brewing with my girls.

Enough about Asheville, lets talk about the best brewery in Greenville, SC and one that I support often. A few weeks ago, my girlfriends and I went to Quest Brewery for their chili cook off. This is my favorite brewery here in my Greenville, SC area. We all had an exceptional time. The event took place in the actual brewery right under the fermenters. I was going to enter with my Turkey Pumpkin Chili but since the event was only a day after I returned home from my big Pennsylvania excursion, I decided to just go and enjoy and imbibe rather than putting a bunch of work into it. As it turned out, there were several great chillies to sample. They had everything from venison chili to an awesome spicy sausage chili with handmade sausage ravioli floating in it, to chili that featured some of the porter that is made by the brewery.  Some impressive cooks were represented. 

A Smoking Mirror Smoked Porter last Friday Night  when we came to see Zac Parks. Check him out!!
I have to admit that I got this recipe idea from there. This chili was the chili that my friends and I loved! The unfortunate part is this was one of the employee submissions so we could not vote for it. When I got home, I scoured the web for the recipe and found this one, which is spot on. And what better way to celebrate it than with a Quest Smoking Mirror Smoked Porter. 


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