Friday, April 15, 2016

Veggie Sausage Omelet Muffins

This post is in homage to the "girlies" that make me laugh everyday and who feed me with their wonderful, nutrient dense eggs. The raising of chickens has been a wonderful experience that I would encourage everyone to do at some time in your life. I have always had dogs, but these little girls have taught me a ton about what it takes to raise an animal that you get something from other then love. Dogs are our companion animals but there is a lot to say about these girls who not only give me food but that also gives me a source of togetherness and affection. While my chickens are not the cuddly type that come and sit in my lap (I wish they were,) they do depend on me for their daily needs and in turn they give me a lot of love and great eggs.

Upon meeting me, most people would not think that I am a chicken person or that is what I have been told. (I have never really been sure what a "Chicken Person" is.) When I talk to my anatomy students about "my girls," they are taken aback. One class even requested pictures to be sure I was not pulling one over on them. Recently, in a cab ride when I was all dressed up, I mentioned having to take care of the chickens before I left home and got the strangest look in the rear view mirror. Fortunately, that led to a really enlightening discussion. And to top off all of the "chicken shock", I think my family thought I lost my mind when I told them I got chickens.

While all of these chicken discussions, have been somewhat humorous, most people don't get it till they see the girls. Several of my friends have shown up at my house and have seen these funny girls waddling behind me, chattering the whole way, as we water the flowers in the back yard or patiently waiting while I pick them a tomato from my summer garden. They are always there to tell me their funny little stories and to see what we are going to do next. They have become the #1 attraction at my house. Some bring them an apple, most want to check for eggs and even my Dad (who I am sure thought I really lost it) has had a few laughs due to these girls. Even though he might not admit it, he enjoys checking their nest when he visits.

A lot of people say, "they are just chickens." And I can't argue with that, but what makes anything a "just?" We are JUST people!  I will admit that chickens are not the most intelligent creatures but that doesn't mean they don't deserve kindness and a happy life.  These girls are a perfect of example that if you value something, respect it for what it is, give it a happy place and show it love, that all of those feelings will be reciprocated. It is an everyday confirmation of the good in life and in others,; no matter how small.

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