Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sweet Potato Hummus

Well, this recipe came with a lesson! It seems lately that I have been super busy and feeling like I am not getting enough done around my house or in my private life. So on Thursday of this past week, I made a list. Now for those of you that really know me you know how I feel about lists. They make me feel like I am going a bit CRAZY!! I like to believe that I am highly educated, intelligent and together enough that I do not need to put on paper what needs to be done. Also growing up in my parents house we lived by lists. My mother is the queen of lists. She even called yesterday to say we have to go over lists for the upcoming beach trip. I HATE LISTS!

But... in a desperate moment this slightly overwhelmed multi-tasker finally gave in and wrote it all down. In all efforts to be ambitious and accomplished, (are you seeing a serious Type A problem here!!! Ugg....) as soon as I got home on Thursday, I set about completing tasks so I could cross off them off that dreaded list. I had laundry going, I had remade all of my bed, dinner was in the oven, bills had been paid, and I set about peeling sweet potatoes for this recipe. Although I know potato peels don't do well in the garbage disposal, my mind was on everything else I could get accomplished before bed, and I hit the switch. Down they went but the water did not..... #@&*!!!!! I had just blocked the drain and in the long run stopped all progress on completion of my list!!! For the rest of the evening, I had only one task!! I worked on the drain. Eventually, with a good friend's advice and instructions, I got it unstopped but it was almost 10 pm.  Out of desperation, I promptly put the offending list in the drawer, poured myself a glass of red wine and plopped myself in the bath tub. Tasks complete for the night!!!

Oh, so what is the lesson?? Don't make lists!!!

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