Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rose Scented Rice Pudding


Rain, rain go away! Or I will be forced to keep making delicious things in my kitchen!! Last weekend, it rained- no it poured and I was BORED. After cleaning my house, doing all my laundry, grocery shopping, making dinner, cleaning my closet and even venturing out to the gym, I was still bored. As I was taught by so many generations of women in my family, it is not possible to  rest when you are bored you must DO SOMETHING!!! Yes, we are incessantly busy. Why?? I am not sure. This is a conversation my Mom and I have had many times. Her suggestion is just sit down and rest; read a book or watch TV.  This advice comes from someone who does not sit down for one minute and neither does her mother my Gram. I was raised by a group of continually moving, active women and the sad thing is when we are not in action we are thinking about what we can do next, or tomorrow or planning next Christmas dinner- in July! It is exhausting!

So..... I sat down for approximately 5 min (hope Moms not reading) and felt guilty. What can I do?? I began looking through my recipe cache on my iPad and quickly came across this recipe that I have made before and absolutely love. Since I was bored..... up I sprang and began searching for ingredients. WhooHooo! I had a task and I was happy..... in my strange obsessive, genetically predisposed way....

Rose Scented Rice Pudding

32 oz. whole milk
1/2 cup white rice
1 cup white sugar
1/4 cup corn flour or corn starch
1 tsp. vanilla extract
2-3 tsp. rose water (optional)

Wash the rice and boil it with 2 cups of water until water is absorbed.

Put rice, milk, sugar, and vanilla extract in a pot and stir on low. Keep stirring for 20-30 minutes more after it starts boiling.
Mix corn starch with a little bit of water until the mixture is smooth. Then, add this mixture to the pot. Stir for 4-5 more minutes.

You now need to decide whether you want to have regular pudding or baked pudding. If you want regular rice pudding, pour the pudding into bowls and serve cold with cinnamon sprinkled on top. However, if you want baked rice pudding, pick oven safe bowls, put pudding in them, and then broil them until the top is dark brown. Chill and serve.

Recipe from Almost Turkish

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Christin@FortMillSCLiving said...

Hi! I'm Christin and I took the photography class with you alst weekend. Your pictures from the class on Facebook look great!

I have never made rice pudding before. The rose water addition sounds really interesting!

I'm the same as you. I have to either be doing something or thinking about doing something. Can't even watch TV with out getting bored unless I'm doing something else too.

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